Patent since version 6. You tried to execute one of the following SQL statements: If you have a name resolution problem the IP-address for the SQL server can not be identically resolved with the name of the web-server and v. You have use the methods execute and getResultSet. In contrast to older versions of the driver the version 4.

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You will see the Archive Tool. This problem can occur in one of the following causes: Can i get a java. You can make the following test: A solution to this problem is the use of the connection pool with an initial size.

Borland Application Server

An updateable ResultSet was only create with executeQuery. In this mode the SQL Server saves only 1 byte per character. Syntax error converting datetime from character string. When you have found the critical transaction you need to verify the order of your SQL expression whether it can produce a deadlock. In this case the driver reads all data into memory.


The default data type mapping of the driver is equivalent to the JDBC specification: It needs ii be an existing character converter of your JVM. See the question ” How to add the driver to the classpath? For example to change to a non pooled DataSource.

This means a unlimited fetch size. Object can be bound.

i-net JDBC Drivers for MS SQL Server

You need to use two digits for the months and day. Subsequently when you choose the created datasource, a panel will open allowing you to specify properties for it. You generated a statement with the property ResultSet. You tried to execute one of the following SQL statements: You can test your JVM with: The driver is limited to 2 connections for all clients. You selected a large count of data row count or field size and you use a forward only, read only ResultSet without a cursor.

Connection Object Methods

You downloaded a test-version from our site. In general if you use a database connection over a long time you should check it before you use otpa. There are no major differences like performance or feature. Java components slow down much more as native components with a disable JIT.


General FAQ for all i-net JDBC drivers for MS SQL Server

If everything is oopta you get this messages. Currently you try to get a third connection. If you use another driver other than i-net software then you must register both drivers.

Only instances of org. The data type text is not supported in this mode because the SQL Server can’t convert ntext to text.

The problem is a function of:. Contact us by email. Be sure you have set the name correctly. Please enable the logging only when you need it to find a problem because the driver have a better performance without the logging.

You have use the methods execute and getResultSet.

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